Plugins allow for developers to add in their own modifications to Moon. Plugins allow for adding multiple components, directives, changing methods, or injecting custom options.

Using Plugins

Include the plugin script, and use the global Moon.use method.


Making Plugins

A plugin has to be an object with an init method. This method is called when Moon.use is called, and is provided with Moon as a parameter.

For example:

const plugin = {
  init: function(Moon) {
    Moon.component("example", {
      template: "<h1>Example Component</h1>"

As you can see, there is an init method that installs a component to Moon. This plugin can now be installed, and will include the component where it is installed.


Now you can use the registered component.


A plugin can do anything with Moon, including registering as many components, directives, and methods as it needs.